It has been a crazy three weeks, filled with chiropractic appointments, an all-day class, field trips, re-certification classes, researching as well as the everyday things like work and homeschooling.  Time seems to get sucked into the vacuum of life so easily.  I have been trying to be mindful of my reaction to this deluge of time passing.  I can’t slow it down but I can be aware and try to be in the moment as much as possible.

I wanted to go further with my story today but I have to share a few things that happened over these last few weeks.   First up, I received a gift from a friend.  I haven’t seen her in over eleven years but she messaged me and asked for my address.  A few days later I received a bracelet.  It is a simple silver band with one word on it, “Brave.”  The included message on the packing slip simply said, “A new chapter in your life has opened.  Write the story.  It is going to be a great one.”  I can’t convey how much this meant to me.  I am learning to hear God’s word to me through the words of others.  A different friend gave us The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran for a wedding present.  Just a week before receiving the bracelet I read this, “They give as in yonder valley the myrtle breathes its fragrance into space.  Through the hands of such as these God speaks, and from behind their eyes He smiles upon earth.”  I hope that my words can give comfort or inspiration or whatever it is that the reader needs.  These two friends are from two very different parts of my life and yet their gift of words come together to remind me that I too have a gift.

All of my life I have been labeled a “talker.”  Report cards just came out in some areas and on one I saw there was an “X” in the area, “Refrains from excessive talking.”  This meant that this child needs to improve on refraining from talking.  This child is being labeled as a “talker.”  I can relate.  Somewhere there are a lot of old report cards with an “X” in the same area for me.  I didn’t get into trouble much growing up, except when it came to talking.  School was easy for me.  I read the material and usually I just got it, so I didn’t need to listen to the teacher.  I had so many words that wanted to come out.  When I was with my Dad and stepmother I wasn’t allowed to talk freely and they even told me not to say things to my Mom.  I had to watch my words and usually got in trouble for talking without thinking.  Even today, as an adult, I find that the times I offend someone is usually because I spoke without thinking about how my words would be received.  This quality was the butt of many mean spirited jokes by those who were supposed to love me.  I love talking to everyone!  I like to understand why you think, act, and say the things you do.  I have also found out that everyone has a story.  No one has life all figured out.  Everyone has something going on.  I have even had several Facebook messages reaffirming that recently.  It took me many years of being berated for my “excessive talking” to come to the realization that God gave me this gift.  As my Mom likes to say, once I started talking, I never stopped.  I no longer see this trait as anything negative but as something beautiful.

My eleven year old, who we will call, “Storm,” has some pretty insightful things to say sometimes.  Just a few days ago, we were driving to our homeschool co-op and he asked me to describe his personality.  I asked him if he had to be in just one word.

“No,” he said, “you can use as many words as you want.”

So I start naming things like; kind, thoughtful, creative, etc.

He interrupts me and says, “Now describe my personality in just one word.”

I pause to think and he says, “It’s easy!  My personality is ‘Storm.’  I can describe yours too.  It’s ‘Season.’  We are all unique.”  I love this boy.  This literally brought tears to my eyes.  Like any mother, I worry sometimes that my choices will cause pain to my children.  Then one of them says something like this and I realize that they are learning the most important things.  Am I teaching them?  Maybe.  Are they teaching me?  Definitely!

A couple of years ago I was at a Women’s Conference and heard an amazing singer/songwriter/speaker.  Her name is Haley Morgan Smith.  I bought her CD that only had four songs on it.  One of them is a favorite of mine but that will come up at another time.  I listened to those four songs the other day and this time a different one spoke to me much more than usual.  “Writing My Story” is a song that talks about how God doesn’t ever leave us but is always with us and writing our stories.  Last night I had a dream in which I heard her perform that song.  I love to read and can’t wait to see where my story leads.

A few parting thoughts.

Are you listening to the words around you?  Or maybe it is the music or the sights or whatever.  There is a message that you are meant to hear.  Your way won’t be the same as mine but what if you gain insight into your path from what is happening on mine?  Lastly, what is it about you that some would say is negative but really was given to you as a gift?

Love always,



PS Here is a link to Haley’s music.  http://haleymorgansmith.com/listen/

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