Unlabeled Box

Join me as I look at the unique box that houses me.


I have many labels that people keep trying to place on me.  The problem I have with these labels is that when others hear about those labels they automatically categorize me with others whom they have known who also had that particular label, good or bad.  Some of those labels might include things that are fairly benign such as; woman, daughter, friend, wife, and mother.  Within those categories are sub-categories such as what kind of woman I am, what choices I have made when it comes to my children, etc.  I have lived within the culture of the “mommy wars” for over a decade and so many times I have witnessed the turmoil brought about when one group (label) decides that their way is the best way and everyone should mother their children in the same way.  That is another post for another time though.

I also follow Jesus Christ and that too has brought about many labels from both my conservative friends, who think I think just like them, and my non-Christian friends who have been so hurt by “Christians” that they are wary of anyone with that particular label.  The funny thing is about all of these labels that society keeps trying to stick on me is that depending on where the label is coming from they might mean the exact opposite thing.

This blog is my look into my labels, both those forced on me and those that I adopt myself.  I am hoping to learn more about myself through this endeavor.  This will NOT be your typical look at this topic for I am unique creation of God.  I strip off every single label and start with my unlabeled box.  Well, unlabeled isn’t entirely true.  I do have one label that I am starting with and that is “Season.”  My box is only for me, just as yours is unique to you.  I am curious to see if there are labels that will be permanent or if there are ones that I am willing to attach with temporary adhesive.    I hope my experience might help you to take a look at your labels and those that you place on those around you.  I ask you to set aside your preconceived notions and take a look into this box labeled simply “Season.”

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